Erotic Heat: Alternative Extended Version Harry/Ginny, Lily Luna/Rose, Harry/Rose/Lily Luna, Harry/Lily Luna/Ginny/Rose


Erotic Heat

By Annabelle Rose 22

Rated: NC-17

Summary: It’s a summer night at the burrow and Rose is staying there’s more going on than just the heat. Harry/Ginny, Lily Luna/ Rose, Harry/Ginny/ Lily Luna/Rose Two part alternated extended version. Requested for Book Lover Reader

(Alternative Extended Version)

”You girls all snuggle in?”

It was the middle of the summer at the burrow and Rose Weasely was staying over since Ron, Hermione, and Hugo were all under the weather.

”Yeah Dad,” Lily replied. ”We’re fine.”

”Fine as we ever be,” Rose replied.

”Knock, knock,” Ginny sang as she walked inside giving Lily and Rose a kiss on the cheek.”Just wanted to give my only daughter and favorite niece a kiss. Good night.”

”Now are you sure you’re alright?”

”Dad, please…”

”Don’t worry, Uncle Harry and Aunt Ginny, Lily has been a very quiet the last couple of says of snoring.”

”Hey!” Lily shouted playfully throwing a pillow at rose from across the room. ”I don’t snore.”

”I’m only kidding. Remember I am a guest.” She laughed.

”Okay you two. We’re going to bed.” Harry replied.

”Sleep tight,”Ginny smiled closing the door. As soon as the door closed, Rose immediately jumped into Lily’s bed, her hand wrapped around Lily’s waist.

”Now…We’re alone…” She smiled. Her hands went underneath Lily’s pajama top caressing the hard nubs of her breast.

”Oh…”Lily gasped feeling light tingles all over her body. ”Rose…”

”Come on, I’ll be quiet this time, I’ll promise.” She smiled.

One look into Rose’s big brown eyes was enough for Lily to fall under her seductive spell. Standing up on the bed, she took the time to unbutton her pajama shirt opening it revealing her round perfect breasts. Rose glazed at them with wide eyes leaning down to place her soft lips on her nipple. Running her tongue up and down the pink hard nub while she caressed the other.

”Oh, Rose,” Lily moaned at sweet attention that Rose was giving her breast. She trailed her hands under Rose’s thin grown trying to return the favor reaching her hands inside Rose underwear feeling the wetness there making her moan in pleasure.

”You like that,” Lily teased creeping her hands deeper to her opening with her middle finger.

”Gods Lily,” Rose breathed, ”Mm,” Releasing her breast, Rose kissed lily passionately on the lips. Their tongues dancing against one another. In the moment, Lily manged to loosen the strings on Rose’s grown pulling them down off her shoulders letting it fall onto the sheets. She reached for Rose’s small perky breasts. Running her erect nipples through her fingers. She could feel Lily’s body shake through her touch, moaning into her mouth…

”Harry? Harry? Wake up!” Ginny whispered. Shaking him.

”Uh!Wha- Ginny?” Harry asked sleepily. ”What’s wrong?”

”I hear something. I think it’s coming from upstairs.”

Harry raised himself up hearing distant creaking and soft moaning. he turned to look at her.

”Maybe one of girls is having a nightmare?” Ginny asked.

”I dunno. Maybe.” Harry rubbed his head. ”Sounds like Rose.” He reached over to the nightstand grabbing his glasses getting out of his bed to retrieved his robe. ”I go to see what’s going on.” He replies walking to the door grabbing the doorknob. he turned to Ginny and replied, ”When I come back I may want to go another round.”

He could hear Ginny laughing in the darkness. ”I’ll be waiting…”
Walking slowly up the stairs, Harry tried his best not to draw any certain noise that would wake the girls. Moving closer to the door, he was surprised to find a light much like a candle light flickering away. ”One of them must be awake,” he thought to himself. Harry was no fool. he know that something suspicious was going on and he was going to find out what it is. Still hearing the soft moaning, Harry crept to the bedroom door of Lily’s room peeking though the crack his eyes widen at the sight before him.

”Oh my god…”

Rose was on her back as Lily was now trailing her soft lips to her delicate breast gently grabbing one breast while she sucked the other running her tongue slowly over the hard nub. Rose arched her back, caressing the back of her head. Lily’s hand went do to her moist panties running her hand up and down her folds.

”Lily please,” Rose begged. ”I- I want your mouth on me…”
Standing up on her knees, Lily was now focusing on Rose’s wet pussy. Licking her lips, she pulled her Rose’s thin pink underwear lifting her legs to give her better access. Lily eyes widened as she saw Rose’s shaven pussy glisten with her juices.

”You’re so wet for me,” Lily breathed. She placed her fingers feeling the warm wetness.

”Oh!” Rose moaned softly. She want Lily’s touch badly. ”Please.”

Leaning down to kiss Rose’s lips, she replied, ”I will baby. But first, I have a surprise for you.”

Harry was speechless. He can’t believe what he was seeing. This was his daughter and niece committing incestuous acts to each other, and what’s worst, he was turned on, feeling himself grow hard in seconds.

”Oh god, I am going to burn in hell…”

Harry reached down and grabbed the base of his erection, letting out a throaty moan.

”But it feels so fucking good…”

He watched as Lily reached over, opening her drawer, she pulled out a purple vibrating rabbit.

”Ta-da,” She whispered. turning on the device. ”Before I used this, are you going to be quiet?”

Rose couldn’t speak only nodded her head.

”Okay, Just let me know if I’m hurting you…”

She watched as Lily took the head of the toy into her mouth, wetting her with her saliva before placing it down to Rose’s opening pushing it inside.

”Mmm,” Rose’s moaned as she felt vibrations though her body. Lily began moving to toy in and out of her wet folds. Harry getting a full view of Rose’s wet opening. Harry’s erection became painful He want to touch himself but couldn’t afraid that he could risk himself get caught by the girls or Ginny. Glancing at Rose who had her hands in her mouth whimpering at the pleasure trying to keep quiet while Lily ran Rose’s clit between her fingers using her tongue to lick and suck the hard little nub. Harry could see the wetness between Lily’s legs though the material of her underwear. Harry licked his lips wanting to taste her forbidden sweetness. Before he knew what was happening, he found that was in the bedroom standing mere inches of the young girl. Neither of them suspecting a soul, lost in their dirty duties. Opening his robe and shedding it to the floor. He stood in the center of the room completely nude, his eyes in pure lust. Rose slowly open her eyes gasping as she saw the older man grabbing Lily’s head trying to get her attention.

”Lily,”Rose breathed.”Uh! Stop!”

Lily didn’t respond. She growled as she attacked Rose pussy with hunger.

”Uh! Fuck!” Rose exclaimed. ”No…” Her gaze remained on Harry’s gazing down to his cherry lips as he smirked. Rose watched as Harry had his index finger to his lips shushing her and winked his eye before pulling down Lily’s blue cheeky panties down to her knees pressing his mouth against her wet flesh.

”Uh!” Lily gasped as she felt the mysterious wet tongue engulfed her folds. Still rubbing Rose’s clit, she grind her hips against that delicious tongue wanting to give more of it inside her. Harry shown no mercy and growled as he grabbed her ass pushing his tongue inside deeper.

Oh! God! Lily groaned as she let her head fall on the bed breathing heavily. Before she knew what was happening, the wet warmness went away replaced by something long, hard and hot. slowly sliding into her in one motion.

”Oh! Yes!” Lily moaned as Harry grabbed her hips and began to make slow movements. Her hand leaving Rose’s clit to hers.

”Rose, are you doing this to me,” Lily asked panting.
Rose ran the toy up and down her folds shaking her head.

”Oh!” Lily gasped surprised.”D-dad? Is that you?” She asked moaning at the same time. In his response, Harry thrust roughly into her slamming his hips creating a skin slapping motion against her back side not stopping for a second.

”Yes! Fuck her Pussy,” Rose whispered rubbing her clit faster, turn on by the noise.

”Oh! Yes! Dad! Fuck me harder! Fuck me harder! Oh!” Lily gasped as he stopped panting and pressing kisses on her back before pulling out, rolling Lily onto her back.

”Now,” Harry began staring at Rose with wide eyes. ”Your turn.” Climbing on the bed onto his knees, he opened Rose’s legs farther apart pushing his 8-inch cock inside her.

”Yes,”Rose moaned. Harry immediately got into action thrusting his hot cock inside her wet opening feeling it throb with every thrust.

”Oh, yeah. My cock feels so good in your warm pussy,” He grunted as he looked down on Rose with his lusty emerald eyes. Lily slowly crawled over Rose’s breasts lapping her tongue around her erect nipples sucking them between her lips before glazing up at her father.

”You like to see your father fucking your niece with his big cock?”

”Mm Yes.” Lily answered.

”You want to fuck her harder?”

Lily caressing Rose’s tits hearing her moans, nod her head.

”Yeah?” Harry breathed grunting as his thrust became faster harder pounding Rose into the mattress. Lily’s finger worked frantically against her clit enjoying the sounds of grunts, moans and skin meeting skin.

”’Oh! Yes Fuck! OHHHHH GOOOD! Feels so good,” She squealed, gasping as Harry paused his movement leaning down to suck away at Rose’s left nipple while Lily sucked the other.

”What the hell is going on here?”

Pleasure turned quickly into fear when they heard the sound of Ginny’s and Rose grabbing the nearest blanket to cover themselves along side Harry who was trying to cover himself with his hands.

”Ginny, I can explain. This isn’t what it looks like.”

”I came upstairs to see what’s the delay was. It seem you all had a little party going on here; I was kind of…enjoying it.”

Their all had shock expressions on their faces.
Walking over to her husband, she removed his hands away from his crotch and whispered, ”you look so fucking hot when you were fucking our daughter. She gave his cock a stroke and he hissed out a breath. ”You want to finished the job?”

”Yes,”Harry breathed. Ginny smirked. Backing away from him, she took off her blue robe reveling her perfect naked body. crawling on the bed, Ginny was now between Rose’s legs running her fingers up and down the girl’s pussy. While Changing position Lily crawled on top of Harry placing his cock at her entrance. Grabbing her hips Lily bounced up and down on him as fast as she could. Grunting with every thrust.

”Oh! You like that tight pussy around your cock?” She asked as she grind her hips harder against him.

”Yeah. Feels so fucking good!”

Ginny worked her tongue around Rose’s clit with speed, working her finger in and out of her.

”Yeah! Aunt Ginny! Right there. Right there!” Rose moaned.

”Fuck me harder, Daddy!” Lily begged. ”Make me come around your cock.”

”Oh Shit! Uh! You want daddy to fuck you harder?”

Grabbing her hips, Harry showed no mercy as he pounded into his daughter with all of his might.

”Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Gooooooooooooooood!” Lily screamed at the top of her lungs. ”I’m gonna-” She squealed as her walls clench around him.

”Fuccccckkkkkk!” Harry cursed as he came filling her up to the brink with his essence.

Ah! Lily screamed as she fell into her father’s arms hugging her into an embrace.

”Aunt Ginny! yes yes yes,Ah!” Rose cried out as she clench around Ginny’s fingers. She pulled them out licking Rose’s juices off of them and pressing her face into her folds going for a second round Her orgasm following soon after moaning against her skin squirting onto her fingers.

Giving each other kisses, the four of them layed in bed side by side staring at the ceiling.

”I can’t believe that just happened,” Rose whispered.

”I know. But it was fun, wasn’t it?”

”It was,” Ginny replied.

Lily stood up staring at her parents. ”Me and Rose have one question.”

”Yes?” Harry and Ginny asked.

”Are we going to do this again?” Rose asked.

Harry and Ginny looked at each other and replied, ”Yes! We should definitely do this again!”



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